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To explore the book you only need the binary files from one of the archive listed below. The book samples executables were initially generated in C:\AWDBIN folder and they should preferable be extracted in the same location.

Using symbol files

To examine the samples in the debugger you need the corresponding symbol files. The symbols files can be downloaded as a single archive expanded in your local drive. Point the debugger to that location and you are set.

However, in chapter 4 we explained a much better and easier way. This web site is also a public symbols server for all the samples used in the book. Just point the debugger to it and the symbols will magically shows on the debugger, using the following command:

.sympath SRV**

Using source files

All source files are organized in a HTTP source server, hosted on the book's web site. The server address is encoded in the symbol file; just point the debugger to it, by using the following command:

.srcpath SRV* 

and the sources will magically shows on the debugger (when using windbg.exe).
The sources are also available in a single archive that can be expanded locally on your drive, preferable in the same location used to generate the samples, C:\AWD. The sources folder contains the batch file used to generate the code, extract the symbols and create the source server.

Archives links

Advanced Windows Debugging sources

Advanced Windows Debugging executables
compiled for Windows XP and Windows Vista x64

Advanced Windows Debugging private symbol files

Advanced Windows Debugging public symbol files

Chapter 8 update (x86 chk)